What is Sore Throat? Meaning, Causes And Symptoms

Sore throats are a very common problem and one should not neglect it, as it could develop onto a major problem if not corrected on time. There would not be even a single person on this earth who has not got a sore throat throughout his lifetime. In most of the cases the sore throats are a result of the virus that gives you a nasty pain in the throat and it is caused by flu. It could be due to exposure to cold, change in the weather or drinking cold beverages.

Most of the times this problem arises due to the bacterial or the viral infections and could be cured with some of the very commonly available drugs like paracetamol.  The sore throats may last from 3-7 days, but if it lasts longer than this duration, then the problem might be quite serious and you should visit your doctor for the check- up.

Sore Throat

During the sore throat, people have infection in the end part of the throat that included the mouth’s roof, end of the tongue as well as the tonsils.

Causes of Sore Throat

Viruses Causing Sore Throat

The most common type of viruses as well as bacteria that could cause a sore throat include:

  • Most of the times, the viruses like rhinovirus, Para influenza viruses as well as the coronavirus that cause the common cold are responsible for the sore throats.
  • There are several other type of streptococcal bacteria too, that cause streptococcal infections. This type of bacteria cause about 10% of the sore throats in the adults and about one third of the sour throats are caused in children by them.
  •  There are some other viruses too, that are not so common and are responsible for just 4% of the sore throats like the types A and B influenza viruses and they normally lead to flu
  • There are some other types of viruses like the adenovirus, that cause harm to the eye by causing conjunctivitis

However, it is not compulsory that you would catch the infection only due to viruses or bacteria’s, there are several non- infectious causes too that could lead to the problems in the mouth like sore throat.

Non-Infectious causes for Sore Throat

  1. Allergies: There are several people who are prone to dust, moulds and pet dander that could cause the sore throat. If not controlled, the problem could get more intense by the postnasal drip, which could inflame or irritate the throat.
  2. Dryness: Sometimes, the dry air especially in the season of winters when the buildings are heated could make your throat feel scratchy as well as rough especially in the mornings. Sometimes, breathing through the medium of the mouth could lead to the dry air and then sore throat because of the chronic nasal congestion.
  3. Muscle strain: Sometimes, yelling at someone in any kind of event, or trying to talk to the other person in a noisy environment that too without taking any break could strain your muscles in the throat and cause sore throatiness.
  4. Irritants:  The outdoor pollution in the air could cause irritation in the throat because it might carry certain irritating particle with itself and cause severe effects on the throat. The indoor pollution could be cause by the irritation in the mouth that is caused by the smoke of the cigarette or some other burning source. This irritation could also be due to drinking of alcohol.
  5. HIV infection: The symptoms like the sore throat sometimes, appear quite early after someone gets infected with the HIV virus. The person who is HIV positive, would have a chronic sore throat because of the secondary infection.

If not taking proper medication or consulted an appropriate doctor, this problem could be worsened. So, whenever you find any kind of symptom of the sore throat in yourself, you should immediately rush to the doctor. There are a few of the symptoms of sore throat that are mentioned below for you reference.

Symptoms of Sore Throat

  1. Dry and painful swellings: A person having the sore throat would have a severe pain in the throat due to swelling, especially when he is swallowing the food. There are many popular medicines that people take at the time of a sore throat, you could also go with one, but if things are still not under the control then you must immediately consult a doctor.
  2. Pain in the neck: Due to the inflammation of the some of the glands like the lymph glands, the bacteria that brings this disease causes acute pain in the neck region too. However, this is not true to everyone.
  3. Bright red tongue: In the case of the sore throat, the red tongue is usually an indication of the presence of the virus as well as bacteria besides getting the constant feeling of nausea.
  4. Headache as well as loss of the appetite: During the sore throat, the whole of the attention is given to the infection and that is the reason that the person does not feel to have the food. Moreover, the bacteria’s as well as the viruses that bring the sore throat, messes with the taste buds on the tongue that results into a bad taste of the food.

Quick Home Remedy for Sore Throat

The weather is changing and the winters are approaching, so one must start taking preventions from now itself as someone has rightly said that “the prevention is better than cure”. There are some of the self -care tips that might help you in relieving from the sore throats like avoiding drinking extremely cold beverages as the weather is getting changed and this might irritate your throat.

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Do not go for the cold foods as well or the chilled ice cubes as this might irritate your throat too. Avoid the habit of smoking, also avoid too sweet foods as they might also irritate the throat. It is advised to regularly wash the mouth with the salty water or perform gargles to reduce the effect of swelling as well as the pain. Drink as much as water as you can this would help in better circulation of the blood and stay at bay from sore throat.